Featured Projects
Welcome to my portfolio, a curated showcase of my professional journey in UX research and design. Here, you'll discover a selection of my collaborations with industry-leading tech giants such as Amazon, Meta, Sony, and Samsung. Each project reflects my commitment to enhancing user experiences, adaptability in diverse team environments, and passion for evidence-driven design. Explore the methodologies I've employed, the challenges I've navigated, and the impactful solutions I've contributed to. This portfolio is a testament to my past work and a reflection of my ongoing dedication to the ever-evolving world of user experience.
UX Research Portfolio
Welcome to Kennedy DeSousa's UX Research hub. I'm a dedicated and highly experienced Qualitative UX Researcher, currently pursuing a master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction. My passion lies in understanding user needs, behaviors, and motivations to create an improved user experience. I thrive on uncovering insights and utilizing them to design products that are user-centered, accessible, and intuitive. Explore my research process, portfolio, and services, and let's connect to discuss how I can contribute to the success of your company.