Meta UX Project
At Meta, I was involved in multiple rounds of concept testing, contributing to projects that aimed to redefine user interactions in the digital space.

Role & Responsibilities

Content Strategy: Conducted a comprehensive audit of content, identifying areas for enhancement and optimization. User-Centered Design: Engaged in user-centric methodologies to pinpoint areas of improvement and potential innovation. Collaboration: Worked closely with marketing to ensure the alignment of UX strategies with business goals.

Methodologies Employed

Concept Testing: Engaged in evaluative research to test new product concepts with users. Insight Generation: Assisted lead UX researchers by capturing and analyzing user feedback during testing sessions.


While the specifics of the project remain confidential, the collaboration resulted in actionable insights that informed design decisions and strategic directions. The project had a positive impact on the user experience, aligning with Samsung's commitment to innovation and user satisfaction.


Though specifics remain confidential, my involvement led to insights that informed design decisions, ensuring that Meta's innovations aligned with user expectations and needs.

Let’s Collaborate

Collaborating with Meta was a deep dive into the future of digital interactions, emphasizing the need for iterative testing and user feedback in pioneering new digital frontiers.