Amazon UX Project
My collaboration with Amazon involved fieldwork, where I enhanced user experience for a specific product segment.

Role & Responsibilities

Field Testing: Played a pivotal role in testing products directly with users, gathering real-time feedback and insights. Collaboration: Partnered with cross-functional teams to ensure that user feedback was integrated into product enhancements.

Methodologies Employed

Field Usability Testing User Feedback Analysis


While the exact details of the project are confidential, my contributions led to actionable recommendations that were instrumental in refining the product experience, aligning with Amazon's commitment to customer-centricity.


Working with Amazon underscored the importance of direct user engagement and the value of real-world testing in shaping products that resonate with users.

Let’s Collaborate

I hope you found this project insightful. I'm always looking for new opportunities to apply my UX research and design skills. If you're interested in collaborating or would like to discuss how I could contribute to your team or project, please don't hesitate to get in touch.