Kennedy DeSousa's Photography Portfolio
Welcome to my photography and video portfolio. Here, you'll find a curated selection of my work, showcasing my skills and experience in photography and videography. Each project presented here is a testament to my ability to conceptualize, plan, and execute a vision, often working with a diverse team of professionals.
Professional Photography

Global Women Magazine Shoot

Location: Elizabeth, New Jersey Summary: A vibrant photoshoot for Global Women Magazine, where I used gels to match the theme of the jewelry.

Sore Losers

Location: New Jersey Summary: A conceptual shoot for the indie rap group, Sore Luezers, from New Jersey.

Fight Club

Location: Philadelphia, PA Summary: A Fight Club-themed shoot in an actual dingy basement in the city of brotherly love.

Fashion Photography


Location: Mahasarakham, Thailand Summary: A shoot for designer Patima in Thailand, overcoming language barriers and working with a first-time model.

Purple Path

Location: Pasadena, CA Summary: A series of photos for an independent line called Boss Bitch, shot on location with strobes and color editing in Photoshop.


Velvet Radical

Location: Beverly Hill, CA Summary: A shoot for the brand Velvet Radical, set in a mansion in Beverly Hills.


Riddling Angels

Role: Director of Photography Location: San Jose, CA Summary: A 2-year indie Sci-Fi Film project where I was responsible for composing shots, designing lighting, and planning physical special effects.

Shug: Summertime

Role: Director of Photography Location: Tuscan, Arizona Summary: A music video shoot for a song called Summertime, set up as a real barbeque party with the client's family and friends.