Hi, I'm Kennedy DeSousa. As a dedicated UX Researcher and entrepreneur, my fascination with understanding users drives my work. My experience spans UX roles at Sony Electronics, Blink, and Itemize to my latest undertaking: Bright Babble LLC, a company crafting educational books for children.

My approach combines empathy, insightful analysis, and a range of UX methodologies to unearth user insights and inform design decisions. I'm currently working towards enhancing my knowledge with a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction at DePaul University, where I'm maintaining a high GPA. This adds to my accomplished educational background from CalArts and a UX certification from UC Berkeley Extension.

Ready to collaborate on user-centric solutions for your next venture? Reach out to me via the contact page. I'm excited to bring user-focused understanding and innovation to your projects.

Oil painting in the Zuckerpunk style featuring a black man, Kennedy DeSousa, with a beard, wearing a black shirt. The portrait uses flat colors, bold outlines, and thick brushstrokes to capture his thoughtful gaze and determined spirit. The artwork pays homage to styles of black and white realism, China punk, and quadrature, while highlighting the unique textures of his skin and hair.